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REST API filter for list of IDs

( SuiteCRM Version 7.11.20 JSON API v8)
I’m using the suitecrm Json REST API to access data and i’m trying to compose a query that results with all records that fit to a list of IDs.
According to the documentation here: JSON API :: SuiteCRM Documentation
I’ve composed the below request:
GET https://domainname.com/Api/V8/module/tablename?filter[operator]=or&filter[id][eq]=c46ff350-c3e6-d263-ca3e-613dd3f6cddc&filter[id][eq]=7fdfd47f-f2a7-442b-411b-613dd45edbe8
This returns all the records in the table.

Tried changing the filter operation to ‘and’ : returned only the record of the last id: 7fdfd47f-f2a7-442b-411b-613dd45edbe8 < this seems like a reasonable behavior.

So, is this doable without me quering for every record separately ?

Also tried this kind of API that didn’t work:
not sure if its supported in suiteCRM though

Thanks in advance!