Resource Calendar - Terminated Employees

How do I remove resources from the resource calendar when they no longer work for us? There are too many rows displayed of terminated resources

Any updates for this issue from anyone

I think you need to explain more clearly. Are you talking about project tasks that are assigned to terminated employees? I’m not clear from you explanation, and I’m sure others are not clear on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

If so, can you not just re-assign them to an active employee?

Hello pstevens. My issue is that human resources who no longer work for our company remain displayed in the resource chart and I would like to remove these human resources from the chart. How can I achieve this?

Additionally, I have marked human resources as ‘Inactive’ and ‘Terminated’ in ‘Admin/User Management’ but this does not remove them from the Resource Calendar User list

Can you not just remove them as a resource from the project?

Unfortuanately, they are not a part of any project, some were terminated more than a year ago but remain in the User list as shown in my previous image.

Ah OK, I see what you are talking about. I thought you were talking about a specific project, and I think you’re talking about the entire resource list. I don’t think you can remove former employees as they are linked to a past project. You maybe could try re-name them or something. I don’t know of any way on the front end to remove resources completely.

You might want to have a look in the DB there’s probably a table of resources. If you remove them, you’ll probably remove them from all past projects as well. Not sure what the implications of that might be. You’ll have to test.

pstevens, thanks for your help with this. I wish the original creator of the resource calendar was able to update this to fix my issue.

I had a look in the DB and there doesn’t seem to be any table for resources that I could see. Tasks are related by an assigned user. I haven’t checked the code, but I’m guessing the resource calendar looks up anyone who’s ever been assigned a project task and lists them on resource list.

Thanks again for your input