[Resolved] Upgrade doesn't see new php version

I finally got around to update SuiteCRM 7.11.13 with the target of 7.12.8. I didn’t have time as I needed to upgrade php before I started. Now I have php7.3x which is the minimum for 7.12.8.

When I run the upgrade system check, it says that I still have php7.0x. So it won’t continue the upgrade.

What do I need to do in order for the upgrade application to see that all the versions are now correct for the upgrade?


Check what php version you are currently using on your instance.

Thank you @waraikobuot

I checked and I have both 7.0x and 7.3x installed.

I have updated the php.ini for 7.3x to have similar settings as the original php.ini.

My brain is mush. It’s been a long day. I can’t find where I have to change the php version to use for apache 2.4 and suitecrm. :frowning:

Ignoring any possible PHP issues, the trick will be to set the existing instance of SuiteCRM(7.11.13) to run using PHP 7.3 before you do the upgrade to 7.12.8.

I could be wrong, but I think you will find 7.11.13 is still using 7.0

Can you provide screenshot of your phpinfo()?

I had to learn what and how to do a phpinfo() so the slight delay. Thank you for the suggestion. I learned something new and it’s very useful!
Here is the phpinfo() for my SuiteCRM install. (attached.
It looks like it’s using the php7.3 so this is very strange. Webmin shows 7.0 still (screenshot attached)
I’ll try the upgrade again.

Well how do you like that? It upgraded properly today!! Woo hoo!

Now I have to fix some layouts that for some reason show the database label. I haven’t done anything in the studio for 5 years. :frowning:

Time to start reading.

Try a few different repairs from Admin/ Repairs.

But if this problem keeps happening in several places, it’s a sure sign you have permissions problems.

Thank you @pgr for the suggestions.

I have run the quick and most of the other repair scripts. That didn’t seem to do much but at the same time I turned on Developer mode.

I think there was a cache issue which is now resolved and the layouts are properly showing the right labels. I clicked on the “Developer mode” logged out; logged in and turned off “Developer mode”; logged out. That cleared the caches and when I logged back in the layouts had the right labels!

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