resize multiselect

Hi to all, there is a way to resize the hight of the multiselect in the edit section and in the filter section?

The answers to questions like this are very specific, they involve searching screens for ids and classes, and then running through the code to see where it’s coming from, and where you can tweak the HTML or CSS.

So it would help if you were also specific, please tell us which version, which module, which screen.

Or if you want to try finding it yourself, open your browser’s inspector window. Try to get the effect you want by directly editing the HTML or CSS. These changes will go away once you refresh the page, of course, but now you know exactly what you’re trying to change.

Look for it in the source code, if you can’t find it, ask for more help here. :slight_smile:

suite version 7.9.11
modules Account
screen Edit and Advanced filter


Ok, so how far did you get trying to find this yourself in your browser’s inspector window?

See you Forum statistics? 156 posts, 2 thank yous? That’s a lot of taking, and not much giving. I encourage you to answer a few questions yourself, and to do your fair share working over your own questions, without passing on work to others (me) needlessly.


We fixed that with


in custom/themes/default/css/style.css, then Repair/Quick Repair.

I believe this was fixed in 7.10. and latest versions of 7.8.

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I don’t get what i have to do. In custom/themes/default/ there is no css folder, and if i go on themes/default/css/style.css i don’t get what i have to do. Sorry

If custom/themes/default/css/style.css does not exists (and it does not exist by default), create the css folder and create style.css in that folder with that contents:

Half worked, i’ve added

to make all works.

Thanks a lot. now i will look for my old post and sand some thanks