Reset Workflow Once Executed


If I’m understanding Workflows correctly (not sure I am), then once a workflow without “Repeated Runs” checked, has it’s conditions met and has executed it’s actions, it will never run again.

So the workflow is effectively redundant once it’s complete, unless “Repeated Runs” is checked, is this correct, can it be reset, for example if you edit the workflow after it’s fired, does it state reset?

Many Thanks


It would run once per record - so it woudn’t be redundant as it would continue to run on each new record also. Repeated runs means it would run multiple times on the same record. There are instances where both of these would be useful.

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Thanks, I didn’t think of the new record scenario.

I have a workflow that maintains a certain record status, if field A changes to X then field B is updated to Y sort of thing. I guess I would need repeated runs checked for this? Without repeated runs if field A changes again back from X, then the workflow wont fire again to update Y.

The issue here is that an email is also sent, so I would have to make the Actions to negate the conditions some how as mentioned in the user guide.

Does this sound right to you?