Hi there.

Is there any manual / step-by-step guide, how to use the module “reports” ?


No user guide currently.

I need an export in XLS with correct UTF8…

Still fighting…

Ensure the Export Character set for the CRM(System Settings) and your User(User preferences) is set to UTF-8.




Thanks for your reply.

I am using SuiteCRM version 7.2.2

Under User Managment / User / Advanced is a setting called “Import/Export Character Set:”
The value there is: UTF-8

However, when I export the report the CSV is not in UTF-8…

Is there another setting, where I need to change something?

Admin -> Locale or Admin -> System Settings.

I am there and there is nothing to setup regarding UTF-8

There is in Admin -> Locale…

Hi. I have checked also this and its on UTF-8

But when I export CSV from reports all my Ä, Ö, Ü, € and ß are changed to “ü” and so on…

We experience the same thing when importing the csv-file in Excel, the Swedish characters are not displayed correctly. (And we think it is a bug in Excel.) So instead of using Excel, we are using OpenOffice. That works fine and we don’t have any issues with the characters.


Use ISO-8859-1 or se this article, and this