Reports with Sum

have a very simple report with expenses. If I don’t have a sum the report is well exported to PDF with all lines.
If I add a sum to one of the fields to have a total amount then when I download to PDF only the first page is filled and then have several blank pages and not total.

I’ve tested in the demo online site and the result is the same.

any suggestion?
Rui Palma

I have same problem

I’ve tested in the demo online site and the result is the same.



It would be nice to know which SuiteCRM version we’re talking about.

You need to search GitHub for Reports Issues to see if this is already there. If not, please open the issue, otherwise nobody will be fixing it.

Thanks for reporting.


I’m using SuiteCrm Version 7.10.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).

I’ve searched for similar issues and didn’t find any fix.

thanks for your help.
Rui Palma

You say “didn’t find a fix”, but did you find an Issue reporting the problem?

If not, then please open a new one yourself, with screenshots and nice detailed “steps to reproduce”

thanks for the feedback.

Never created an issue on GitHub. Have a profile created but don’t see a “create issue” option.

Can you help?

Rui Palma

Google can help, with screenshots and detailed instructions :slight_smile:

But the short version is: when you’re logged in to GitHub, and you’re on the Issues tab, there’s a large green button on the right to create a new issue.

Hi again,

that is the problem. I don’t have any button to create an issue.
See attached photo.

go to this link to create a related issue =>GitHub SuiteCRM


Found this issue from May 10th also without a solution.

any solution?
Rui Palma