Reports: Sum Function Not Working?

Can’t figure this one out, but let me know if I’m missing anything.

Got two reports: despite having almost identical information, with Opportunity Totals being summed, they reported different Opportuniy Totals. This alerted us to investigate.

The difference between the two was that one Opportunity ($10,000) was split into two Opportunities with equal amounts ($5,000 each). However, shouldn’t affect the totals.
Gets weirder now. After exporting the data into CSV’s, I had Excel add the data using it’s on SUM function, and it’s reporting a completely different number.

Excel: $675,137
Report 1: $642,457
Report 2: $626,137

Can anyone make sense of this? It looks like there’s a fundamental flaw in the Reports SUM function. Anyone have any experience with something like that?

I don’t know anything about reports, but since nobody is replying here, let me try a couple of suggestions…

  • Look for format incoherences. A comma in the middle of a number can mean a “thousands separator”, or it can mean a decimal separator. So in some circumstances 5,000 could mean five thousand, in others it could mean five. Maybe a few of these can justify the discrepancies you’re getting.

  • Maybe you can turn up your logging level to DEBUG and check suitecrm.log to see exactly which queries it’s using in the database when adding. Then you can explore the queries, break them down in smaller parts, and see which database rows are going into the sum.