Reports show discount percentages as $ amounts

I am using a report to show the line item discount field. Even when the discount is set as a percentage, the report shows the value as a dollar amount (e.g. $20.00 instead of 20%). How can I correct this?

Which version is this?

If you try it on the online demo, does it behave the same?

Version 7.11

I must have done some customization in my js becaues the online demo is behaving a little differently. But based on the online demo, I still have a question: Is there a way to show the discount percentage on a report?

Ex. Quote > Line Item:
Product list price is $10. Discount is 25. Discount type is Percentage

The report will correctly show the field “Quotes : Line Item Groups : Product Quotes : Discount Amount” as $2.50. I can’t find a field that will return 25%. Is there such a field or is there a way to make one?

Hhhm I would say that if it displays a percentage as a currency amount, that is a formatting bug. Have you searched Github to see if it has been reported? If not then you might report it yourself…