Reports: selection of contacts whose associated Accounts meet a given condition

Reports: selection of contacts whose associated Accounts meet a given condition

I am trying to set up some reports under SuiteCRM 7.3 b2 and I am experiencing a few problems.

This is the scenario:

  1. Custom field
    I have defined a new dropdown field called media_categories which contains a dozen of values and I have added that field to the Accounts module and in its layouts. (some of the values contained are: newspaper, magazine, web_portal, …)

  2. What I want to achieve
    I need two reports:
    —a. a report that lists all Accounts of a given media category
    —b. a report that lists all contacts of any account of a given media category
    The first report works fine, while the second makes me stuggle.

  3. The issue
    When creating the second report I select Contacts in the first dropdown option
    Then I select the needed fields from Contacts. So far no problem.
    I have one field to select from Accounts, but when I go into the Accounts Menu Tree I can recursively open Accounts, Contacts and many other modules indefinitely.

I tried many different options but they brought me nowhere until with one combination I managed to get the results but every line was repeated four times (I managed to work around this by clicking on the option to group one of the Contacts field).

Under the condition I had the same problem: I needed to select the field from Accounts but, since no result was showing up I had to try several times with different levels of depth or combinations of Accounts/Contacts/Members/Mebers of.

I am sure that this is not supposed to be like this and it should have to be possible to select just Account->Desired field both in the needed fields as well as in the condition.

So I believe that either I am doing something wrong or there is a problem with AOR_Reports.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!!