Reports of product and contacts

I am using Suitecrm sales and marketing of our professional courses.

I Have a list of Courses attached as “products”. And Course Category as “Product category”.

My Cycle:

  1. Import leads or Create Leads
  2. Convert them to Opportunity
  3. If The opportunity is in the “quotation/Price” Stage, i Convert them to Accounts & Contact.
  4. Create A quote with the Line Items, and Email the Quote to the client.
  5. If the Deal is Lost, The Cycle ends
  6. If the Deal is closed, I change Approval status to “Approved”, Stage to “closed Accepted” And status of Opportunity to “closed won”

That completes my Cycle.

My question is, How can i have a report/Filter of leads/Contacts come under particular product


Sorry for the delay getting to this.

Are the products related to the Leads/Contact? If the relationships are there, you can surely see it in a subpanel, or get it in a Report.

@pgr Thank you for your response.

Its working fine now. Once the status changes to “closed accepted” in the quotation, The product is visible in the purchased products/services.

However, now i want to find out customers the products are attached to. Even the quotations which are in progress stage. So that i can have a overview of how many prospecting customers i have for a particular product. Or a filter based on on product.

Any pointers on this?

Sorry, I am not too familiar with these modules you’re asking about.

But my reply is the same as the previous - check if the relationship exists between those modules. Does SuiteCRM know which customer are related to a Product? Or would it have to take two steps to find out (go from module A to module B to module C)?

If the relationship is there, you can have a subpanel showing what you need. Either it is already there, or you add it in Studio.

If it isn’t you can create it, but you will likely need some extra code to tie all the knots. After adding the relationship, you’ll have to figure out how the actual data will be fillled (when selling a product, relating it to a customer, for example). This would be the work of Workflows or Logic hooks.