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Reports not showing

I clone our suitecrm from our server and the reports table is not working.

I have changed the config file for the pointing of database, theres no error in console.

Any idea whats wrong?

@jc.vasquez looked at the suitecrm.log?

none in the end of the file of suitecrm.log

Make your cron run as your web server’s use, not as root.

But that’s likely not your problem for the Reports. Did you clone and upgrade SuiteCRM at the same time? You shouldn’t do that, you need to clone to the exact same version.

No I did not, I just cloned it. I will ask my team about the cron.

May I know if some of you touched the reports tab. In which table does the data of the reports came from?

I tried to update the cases_cstm to see if the report tab updates as well but unfortunately not.

Keep an eye also on the php_errors.log (or whatever you called it in the error_log directive of php.ini)

thank you for that, I tried to console log on modules/AOR_Reports/AOR_Reports.js but the console log is not working. Though I can see the code on response

I am not talking about the console log, and I am not talking about Javascript. The log I mentioned is server-side.