Reports not generating

Hi all,

I’ve migrated some reports from an old CRM (7.6.4) to a new one (7.8.29) and none of the reports are generating any data. I’ve has a look at the fields and conditions, and I’ve noticed that the conditions are missing. I poked around in the database for a bit and I had a look at the module path field. A lot of the conditions have YToxOntpOjA7czowOiIiO30= which when decoded produces a:1:{i:0;s:0:"";}

From my understanding, this is supposed to point to a particular module. Could this be the reason the conditions are missing and hence the reason why the reports aren’t generating?

If it helps, it looks like all the fields with that base64 string seem to link to fields in the Opportunities module.

Additional information:
Current SuiteCRM version: 7.8.29
Current PHP version: 7.2
Current MySQL version: 5.7.23
OS: Amazon Linux 2 AMI (based off CentOS I think?)
Web Server: httpd 2.4

There are a lot of MySQL syntax error messages, most are failing at the WHERE clause, e.g.

Apologies, the root cause was something I did at the database level, I’ve resolved this issue. I did a manual migration of the aor_conditions table and the order of the columns had changed, so it was putting data into the wrong columns.