Reports - how to display more then 30 rows or maybe all rows in one page?

my settings of Listview items per page is 30.
how can i force generated reports to show all rows on on one page ?

I think you are referring to AOR PDF generate

You could press Export instead to generate sheet (one page)

I think the PDF generate has a text size that would work on PDF

Could try this free plugin to make landscape layout

HI , thank your answer.
its nice to know about this plugin, very useful.

my issue is that the sales manager go to the system and want to see the total amount of all opportunities, so he go to report and generating it , lets say the generated report spanning on 3 pages , on each page of report he see total amount of this page but he doesn’t have total amount of all the 3 pages .
is it by design or is it a bug ?

I know this issue and believe it was resolved, what version are you using?

Just tested generate PDF with a total SUM and it only shows on the last page

Version 7.10.11

im on version 7.11.20
yesterday i upgraded to this version.
and now when i think on it , i was on 7.11.13 if i remember right in this version the total amount on last page was accurate.

anyways i would like to have option to see all lines on one page