Reports "Download PDF" No Image and customisation

Hello guys!

  • Your version of SuiteCRM
  • Your version of OS
    Ubuntu 16.04.3
  • Php version
    PHP 7.0.8

No matter what I try with Company logo in the system settings, I cannot get anything to display in the ‘x’ as seen in the screenshot. This is my urgent issue.

Also, where can I customise these reports in SuiteCRM? This is a basic lead report I setup in the ‘Reports’ module.
To Note -
When using the latest SuiteCRM theme, all of the reports display without column headers and other issues (see screenshot ‘report2’) so I had to revert to the original SuiteCRM theme.
Any tips or documentation for reports and customisation would be most helpful.

This is related to changes in PHP 7 on the order it parses objects properties. This pull request addresses the issue: .

The file which generates the PDF is in modules/AOR_Reports/controller.php - function action_downloadPDF()

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