Reports - Conditions and Charts Tabs Not Working After Upgrade

After upgrading to 7.6.10 from 7.4.4, I go to the “Reports” module and open one of my reports, and “edit” the report. I can see the new report screen layout with the “Fields”, “Conditions” and “Charts” tabs. I can add or delete fields from the “Fields” tab. I cannot access the Conditions or Charts tabs. I cannot modify any existing reports, regardless of if they had conditions prior to upgrade. I can create a new report, can add fields, but cannot add to conditions or charts. It does not matter if all information comes from one module (accounts) or if there are cross module relationships involved (using accounts and contacts). The old reports that have conditions from prior to the upgrade appear to run fine - I just can’t get to the Conditions to modify it then.

We are running a Bitnami server setup. It does not matter if I use Chrome or IE. I tried installing the 7.7 update in the hopes that would fix it - it did not. I do not get any errors upon upgrade and I have rebuilt and repaired everything multiple times and rebooted as well.

My apologies if there is a fix out there - I have looked and looked. I have found references to this problem, but not fixes. We did try copying the AOR_Conditions folder over - that didn’t fix it either.

Does anyone know of a fix or workaround for this? I’m stuck in 7.4.4 -


We are facing the same problem but only with field button, it is not showing fields for any module in report layout (when I checked the json response with firebug, the data is being brought there though.)

Please direct toward solution.

Thanks in advance