Reporting tool

Hi everyone,
I’m currently looking for an alternative to the already integrated reporting tool.
I’ve seen KReporter, but it seems to be unusable/very problematic while using a current Suite-version.

I already had a look into Power BI Desktop with a customized odbc-driver, but in the end I wasn’t happy with it because users had to maintain the relationships between objects themselves.

So in conclusion, what do you suggest as the currently best reporting tool?

thanks for your answers in advance,

What sort of reporting do you need?

  • charts or lists?

  • beautiful or just functional? Do you need a pretty PDF to impress, or do you prefer an Excel spreadsheet you can analyze?

  • simple stuff, or do you have any complex requirements?

  • what was missing from the inbuilt Reports module for you?

Depending on this I can try helping you more appropriately.

Check this post:

basically I’m looking for features like:

  • creating queries with joins, where-filter, count, sum and similiar functions
  • displaying different kind of charts (including as dashlet & pdf print)
  • possibility to use variables in reports
  • possibility to export as excel/csv
  • nice, intuitive UI and easy to use for the end user

one of the troubles im having with external solutions is that I dont want the user to maintain relationships themselves.

It sounds like you need the full set of features of an advanced Reporting tool… I don’t know much about these, sorry.

The ideas I had you be too limited for you, I think:

  • using a data source in Excel to grab data directly from MySQL, and doing all the aggregating, filtering and prettyfying work in Excel.

  • using direct SQL queries to the database from PHP and creating Google Charts inside SuiteCRM. See this.

thanks for your answer.

I know the requirements are hard to meet, but maybe we can discuss here, which reporting tools the community is using/suggesting here?

I believe its more important to have a reporting solution within suite than having all requirements fulfilled.

There was KReporter but it seems to be unsupported for the latest SuiteCRM versions.

There are some options on the SuiteCRM Store:

There might be some future developments inside SuiteCRM, stay tuned… :wink: