Report Writer still has issues

Version 7.10.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

My client has been awaiting the fix to this report writer that solves using a custom date field as a condition. Please note these date fields are created as such. A date and NOT datetime stamp.

This issue is easily recreated by the following steps:

  1. Add a testdate field to the contacts as a type date.
  2. Create new testcontact and set testdate to today’s date.
  3. In report writer create a simple report with createdBy,DateCreated,DateModifie, and the new field ‘testdate’.

When running the report,
A. the testdate field continues to show as a datetime despite being only a date field.
B. The tesdate shows as date one day earlier than what was entered.
C. If you modify the report to use testdate as a condition/parameter. The report writer will not retrieve the record unless you set the desired date to the day before.

D. If you go back to the editview of the contact, the date is as entered.

I have tried many times to get help, and get referred to sourceforge where it keeps getting promised to be fixed.
Is there a version where the reportwriter works?

These report date issues were very active today. In fact 7.10.5 is being delayed to make sure these are included. it should be released soon, any way.