Report With List of All Cases, Invoices, Quotes Etc

I have been tasked with making a report for each client of Currently Open Cases, Currently Open Quotes, Currently Open Invoices, etc and create a PDF or Email with said information…

Client Name: ABC

Case 1 -------yadi yadi yadi

Case 2 ------ blah blah blah


This is a little different than what is already in the existing modules so I am not really sure what to use as a model.

Any ideas on where to start on this?


I have created this report using the built in reporting tools.

does anyone know or have any ideas on how I can do the same report but for only 1 account?

Thank you.

This is what I am after as the end result.

I now need a way to automate it so the user does not have to put in the account name manually.