report to show deleted records

Hi there.

I want to create a report to show deleted records. Just to test I created an account and then deleted it, in the report set a condition using the deleted field equal to a value with the check box checked. The report shows nothing.

Did I miss something? I’ve checked the database and the dummy account record I deleted is there with a 1 in the deleted column.

I’d never heard of anyone trying this, maybe there is some code in there specifically removing all records with “deleted=1” because, well, that’s in every query in SuiteCRM…

You might go and search for that code, but if you’re ok going into the database, have you considered getting the Report form there, and then making it look prettier in a spreadsheet program?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to override the global code that would be hiding all records with deleted=1 in the database from the views? Maybe I could remove that piece of code just for the reports section.

There is a free module called Advanced Reports created by Marnus van Niekerk. On that module you can query the database directly and create any type of report:

For more details follow this topic: