Report Suite 7.3.1

Hi everybody,

How are you? I found some problems with Reports (AOR Report). In my opinion there is a bug with condition “equal”.

I did a report on Opportunities Module. If I use this condition: expected close date Equal This Quarter , I have no results. It’s same strange because I have opportunities with expected close date this quarter.

I found other problems with other operator. Does anyone has the same problems?

How do you solve them?

Thanks for your supports,



there definitely were bugs around this, but they have been fixed in the more recent versions. I’d recommend you install the upgrade from 7.3 to 7.43 then the upgrade from 7.4.3 to the current version, which both can be found here:

This page should talk you through the process:

Thank so much,for your quick answer! I’ve already seen Suite 7.5 and I noticed a graphic bug on Report. There are 3 step to create a report but you can see the buttons and there isn’t “Period” value.
Have you notice my same problems?

Thanks ,



I’m not sure I completely understand you. On the conditions section you can set the operator as equal to for a date field and it gives you the option to select period under the type dropdown.