Report on user activity

I wanted an easy way of letting my partner know what I’ve been doing all day / week.

I thought I could write a report that queries the modules leads, contacts and accounts, to show all alterations my user, Julian, since date “Whatever it was on Monday”

I can’t work out how to do this from the SuiteCRM interface. Does anyone have any pointers?



Have you looked at the Reports module?

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Yes, but it seems to only report on a single module, say contacts. I’ve read the documentation

but it appears you can only generate reports on one module.

Is there any other suggestions?


You can check the SuiteCRM Store for more advanced reporting, but you will probably have to pay…

If I were you I would just make an SQL script to extract the data from the database, and then feed it into Excel or some other tool to make it look pretty.

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That sounds the best option, thanks

Did you ever write a script to extract this information, or find another solution?



Give my AdvancedReports module I try. It will allow you to build a report with any DB query which could be a UNION over multiple queries on multiple tables or even a storec proc on the database.

It’s a work in progress, but it can definitely do what you want. If you can write a DB query that returns the data, it can turn it into a pretty(ish) report for you.

That looks cool, Marnus! B-)

And a nice and generous MIT License too! Thanks!

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@jonsavas, @JulianHarmer

Also check out this any-SQL Dashlet solution that produces Google Charts:

Note that Google Charts can just as easily output a nice, interactive table.