Report module doesn't export in PDF or CSV with the users params

Hi there, the report module isn’t reporting the data with the users params entered in the DetailView, looking through the code I noticied that there is no call to the user_parameters attribute inside the action_export() and action_downloadPDF() methods. Also the params are’t sending when the users clicks the export csv or pdf button.

My workarround was the following:

  1. Add a .js that has two functions, one that submit the form for downloading the csv and other for the pdf. Each function add the params users to the respective form
  2. Modify the detailviewdefs.php file for add a new .js, and the buttons for call this two functions defined in the step 1
  3. The las part is modify the methods action_export() and action_downloadPDF() to accept the user params, and then export the respective file

I think that this is core part of the Report module, and for this reason suite people must add in the standard package. But I attach a zip file with the modifications I have made, putting this inside custom/modules/ and making a quick build and repair you will see the changes.

This post is associated with this issue in github: Report issue

Thanks a lot, best regards.


Looks like your workaround be worked into SuiteCRM at some point.
We really appreciate the help!

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