Report Grouping Not Working, Strange Number, Suite7.8.5

Suite version 7.8.5 Apologies if this is an easy problem, but I’ve searched online and this forum and everywhere and can’t find the same issue. I’m trying to create a simple “Call Log” report, whereby I group the call log report by the “Created By” field (who logged the call) and then the report is supposed to group/list all the calls by each user. Should be pretty basic.

I’ve attached two pictures – one of the edit creation of the report – it should be a simple process, and one showing what I get in the report. Basically, the “grouping” in the report does NOT show the User name, it shows a long number like this " 33e14dac-c79c-4440-b2c9-5ab94cfe8bf4" as the grouped on text – something I assume is tied to a unique User ID or something.

Any ideas here? Is this a bug or an install problem (site works without issue otherwise)? Any recommendations? All input appreciated.

Yes created_by is a field that contains an id.

What you want to do is to traverse the relationship that that id provides to the users module, so you can get the username.

So instead of using created_by field, on the top list select Created by user, and on the bottom list then select username.

The other fields you still do as you did before, on the top list selecting Calls.

Thank you! This worked well. The way Suite uses the cascading, almost infinite set of field selections for the filter criteria is VERY confusing. There are duplicate fields under different modules, and you don’t know which one to use and whether you set it up wrong or whether it’s the wrong field. Anyway, thank you.

Do you know if there’s a detailed reporting manual / blog anywhere on how to setup reports? The Suite one is very basic.


Sorry, no manual.

There’s an entirely different solution to Reporting which we recently added, see here:

That requires setting up a separate piece of software, but takes you to the next level. It’s based on Pentaho which is (probably, I didn’t check) quite well documented.