Report Generation - And/Or Conditions

Hello everyone.

I’m fairly new to CRM technologies and exceedingly new to SuiteCRM.

I’ve started to create some reports, mostly simple ones like Quotes created in the last 3 months, calls planned in the next 2 weeks. Things like that.

However, to uphold good client networking practices, I want to stay in contact / reach out to people whom I haven’t had contact with in 3 months, for whatever reasons.

So, thinking along the lines of conditions, I would want to generate a list of contacts and accounts that HAVE NOT been contacted in over 3 months.

First condition, say Calls, I would put as date modified > greater than or equal to > date > now > -3 Months.
But the second (emails), third (quotes) and fourth (meetings) conditions all seem to be AND functions. Is it possible to have a condition be OR?

Thank you for your time.

Hi RB44,

Have you tried the 7.2 Beta? Reporting has been greatly enhanced and should have some of the features you require such as parameters.



Thanks for the reply, Will.

I’m not comfortable with going to a beta build, I would rather wait for a stable update. Unless that is a silly belief as the “beta” is stable already, just has extra untested features?


Hi Rob,

I don’t suggest you upgrade, but test out the 7.2 Beta 2 on a test environment to see if it resolves your issues.