Report Concept

Hi Folks,

I have got a requirement regarding one report where I need to fetch the details of only those Accounts, against which none of the opportunity have been created so far.

Can anyone suggest what condition I need to put to get this.

Many thanks!

Hi Folks,

Any suggestions on this, as I am not able to find anything related to the same, does the SuiteCRM report module is capable to achieve the same?

Create a new report on Accounts and select all the field you want to see on the accounts.
Set the conditions on Opportunities and select ID is not equal to 0.
Save and that should do the job.

Hi @japio

It did work.
Many thanks!

I have another question too regarding the report only, hope I’ll be able to make you understand:

Requirement: I need the latest Subscription year on an Account.
– An Account has a custom subpanel named Subscription, where we are capturing the information of our products, subscribed by particular account, YEAR wise.
Now I need a report where I need the Account name and the latest Subscription year, i.e an account has taken couple of subscription like in 2017, 2018, so I need only 2018.
Also I don’t want to repeat the rows, like if any account has taken 3 subscription in 2019, then only one row of 2019 should appear.

Can we achieve that?

Many thanks!

Not with the standard report module, by my knowledge.