Report Access: Sales person can see his/her data only

Hi All,

Can we achieve following concept in SuiteCRM Reports:

There are multiple Salesperson in North India Division, they all report to North Sales Team HEAD named ABC.
So ABC wants to see the Opportunity data of every salesperson, however salesperson should see only those Opportunities data which they have created/modified only.
Can we restrict the same via Role mgmt or any other way?

Many thanks!


This is simple. Create 2 Roles, 1 for Team Members, say “Team”, assign them roles property of “Owner” to all the opportunity records.
And create another Roles Called “Head”, assign him access to all the "GROUP’ records of opportunity records.
Now attach all of team members to “Team” roles and head to “Head” role.
Now create a new security group. Attach all the team members and Head into the same group. And don’t assign any role to this security group. Instead the roles should work based on Users by direct assignment.
But for all this to work. First of all you need to set the security suite records table entries if there is already some data.
All this thing work based on Assigned To field

That’s it.

I try again, but sales peason still see other account (see name only, can’t click to detals :frowning:

What version are you using?





Don’t know if your problem is related to an issue on that version:

If that is the issue, you should upgrade or apply the fix manually.

If after that you keep having issues, check you assigned user to the proper group and role. Make sure the role is configured to give access accordingly.

Here is the documentation: