Replying to a case email creates a new case instead of updating the existing one

The subject describes the problem well, and despite searching the forum for similar issues I’ve not been able to find a resolution to the problem of a replied to Case email resulting in a new case instead of an update to the existing one.

I’m on Suite 7.14.3 under Apache and PHP 7.4.33 on Ubuntu 22.04. (Edit I erroneously said it was Suite 7.11 in origianl post)

I have inbound mail account setup with create case from email enabled.

AOP Case Module is configured with default Case Macro [CASE:%1]

Emails to the target address do create a case, emails are sent to the sender and the assignee.

But I’m expecting any replies from the sender back to the same email address to have their [CASE:n] subject recognised and instead of a new case being created the existing case being updated - this isn’t happening, any reply results in a new case being generated.

Any guidance to resolve please?

If you are a developer, then I suggest

  • Increase your log level to debug, this will add several messages describing the inbound email handling process.

  • Look ar function pollMonitoredInboxesAOP in modules\Schedulers\_AddJobsHere.php

  • that calls handleCreateCase in modules\InboundEmail\AOPInboundEmail.php

  • which in turn calls handleCaseAssignment in C:\Users\pgr\PhpstormProjects\SuiteCRM-v8\public\legacy\modules\InboundEmail\InboundEmail.php

I am not sure, I only made a few quick text searches in the code, but I am hoping that one of these places is the one that will help you figure things out. Good luck

Thanks - it looks to me like it’s failing to get the Subject from the emails at all, certainly that would explain all support Cases being “Subject: (no subject)” and have the knock-on effect of the system not finding the [CASE:n] field on a reply to match it up to.

I’ll go digging in pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() and AOPInboundEMail.php to see where that’s supposed to be extracted - if anyone meanwhile recognises this new symptom (Incoming email subject not recognised) please do let me know.

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