Replicate the same view, but adding filters.

Hi everyone, this is my first post and since I started a project with suitecrm this forum has been a great help!

I have to create a custom module, let’s call it “Actions”.
Inside of this Actions module there’s a field “Section” with three possible values (“section1”, “section2” and “section3”).

Instead of showing the “Actions” view like every other module, I have to show three different views, one for the Actions with section “section1”, another for the “section2” and another one for the “section3” actions.

How could I approach this? Since it’s not filtering the list view generated when you generate the package, it’s more a copy-paste of the whole module, with different names, but pointing to the same entity in the DB but adding a “where” clause… And also the nav menu has to be modified… I know it sounds weird but any help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

I’m answering to myself with the approach I ended up choosing.

At the end I didn’t need to do exactly what I was asking in this post, but I had to do something similar with projects. I needed to show in another view only the projects that the current user was working on.1. I copied the project controller into the custom folder.

  1. In the controller, added a function called action_misproyectosview

function action_misproyectosview() {
$this->bean = new SOCustomProject();

[/code]1. Created another class, SOCustomProject

class SOCustomProject extends Project {
	function get_list_view_data(){
	    global $current_user;
		$temp_array = parent::get_list_view_data(); //let it work as it does by default
		//now do our customization
		if(!($temp_array['ASSIGNED_USER_NAME'] == $current_user->name || 
		    ($current_user->empresa_adherida_c != "" && strpos($temp_array['EMPRESAS_C'], $current_user->empresa_adherida_c)) || 
		    ($current_user->colaborador_c != "" && strpos($temp_array['COLABORADORES_C'], $current_user->colaborador_c)) || 
		    ($current_user->cliente_c != "" && strpos($temp_array['CLIENTES_C'], $current_user->cliente_c)))) {
			//$temp_array['ASSIGNED_USER_NAME'] =  "<a href='index.php?module=Project&action=GrabCase&record=$this->id'>".SugarThemeRegistry::current()->getImage("uparrow_inline","title='".translate('LBL_GRAB_CASE','Cases')."' border='0'",null,null,'.gif',translate('LBL_GRAB_CASE','Cases'))."</a>";
			$temp_array = "";
		return $temp_array;

By creating this, if you see a regular URL inside the CRM, we are “creating” an action, so we can call the same Module with the action we just created.
And it will be processed by the class SOCustomProject.

I had another issue when rendering the table, as it will show the empty rows and had to change that with an

{if $rowData != ""}

in the ListViewGeneric.tpl inside the theme.

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