Replacing the top left logo of the login page

I’ve searched for the solution on the forums and I tried replacing themes/SuiteP/images/p_login_logo.png with my image with the same dimensions, but it still yields the original png.

I’ve even tried deleting p_login_logo.png and p_login_logo.svg and the original png/svg is there.

Im running SuiteCRM locally: Windows 7, Apache, PHP 7.x, MySQL, SuiteCRM 7.8.11.

Have you seen this thread?

Yeah, I tried John’s and w9rld’s solution and it didn’t change my login page. John’s made my other pages bad and w9rld’s just removed the top bar of the login page.

I don’t understand how these two URLs are bringing up different images. I thought they should be the same, but are they different directories?

There is an issue with the theme. You need to change the image in the standard theme’s folder to see the changes reflected. The problem is that changes are not upgrade safe.



@jalamani isn’t that just a caching issue? If you say you delete the original files… and they still show… :huh:

Try right-clicking each image in the browser, select “View image” so that it appears by itself in a separate tab, then hit Ctrl-F5 to force refresh.

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@pgr Yup, that was it. I need to learn more about how caching works.