Repair Rebuild Manually


I have added custom code in custom/application/Ext/Utils and repair rebuild then i got 500 error.
Now i want to again repair and rebuild but there is 500 error. Now what can i do then my crm will be working start.

When you get the 500 error, do you get any other errors in your Suite/Apache Logs?

If you remove the custom code, are you then able to use the system again?

If not, I’ve found an old github post wherein the user provided a script that reportedly allows you to run Repair and Rebuild outside the CRM.
It appears to be 7 years old, so I’m not 100% if it will be valid nowadays, but hopefully it helps!

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Hey @John
I have uploaded my old backup custom folder and then my crm is working at now.

Hi @John,

Where do I create the repair.php file?

Hey Hugo,

It has been a little while, but I would imagine you’d create it in the Root Directory for the CRM

Just an FYI, I’d noticed on the Comments of that Script that someone has linked a more up to date script:

I haven’t given it a try, but just in case you hadn’t seen :slight_smile: