Repair and rebuild not working properly

After freshly installing Suitecrm, I executed repair and rebuild and found some issues in it.
First of all, inside ModuleInstall\ModuleInstaller.php file we’ve rebuild_all() function. So this function executes rebuild_relationships first and then rebuild_tabledirectory.
Now rebuild_relationships require tabledirectory.ext.php file. But this file is getting created inside rebuild_tabledirectory(), so this function doesn’t get this file and it misses the exections of relationships inside tabledirectory.ext.php file… Weird!
Now another point is for unknown reason, global $beanList variable inside sugarbean.php → createRelationshipMeta() function doesn’t contain all the beans for the first execution of repair and rebuild but for second execution it contains more beans out of which I needed EBSI_Correspondense for displaying correspondense tab in the case detail page.

Can someone check this and help in this?

Is this with suite 7 suite 8?
You should post this as a new issue on github!

I am using suitecrm 7…

Please open a New Issue, with the full details from your original post in this thread, and include a link to this post!

@chris001 new Issue is raised in github. Waiting for the updates on it.