Repair and Rebuild alternatives

While working on a SuiteCRM project, I created a logic hook file in the directory custom\Extension\application\Ext\LogicHooks\Login_popup_hook.php. The hook was after_login and called another file in the directory : Custom\modules\sucessfull_login_popup.php. After running Repair and Rebuild, the project did not run as expected and caused an Issue where upon login, the screen is all blank. Now to revert the changes, I am unable to run Repair and rebuild again because of the UI issues. Is there a possible solution or a script I can execute at the server side to Repair and rebuild without having to use the Suite CRM UI ?

Go find your broken logic hook reference in the output of the QR&R, somewhere under


remove your entry and you should be able to log in and work normally again.

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Ty for your solution but I actually found a way to run Repair and Rebuild using a custom script from server end. That fixed the issue. I will however keep note of your suggestion for future references.

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