Renaming the "public" directory

Is it possible to rename the “public” directory to “crm”, for example? What operations are still required to be performed? After just renaming the directory to “crm” I get http error 500

please check

Note that “changing the public directory on Suite 8” is not the same as “changing the entire CRM directory in Suite 7”. In Suite 8, the idea is for the top-level directory to be inaccessible to the web server, and to publish only a subdirectory (public).

@Jurij0123 Don’t try this, you will run into all sorts of problems and it’s really not necessary.

What are you trying to achieve, in the end? There may be alternative approaches.

Thank you for your answer.

I currently have CRM in directory
I would like it to remain so after migration for many reasons and in practice it will be

But if you have htaccess configured right, it won’t make a difference to you. SuiteCRM 8 will be serving stuff from public but that won’t be visible to users, won’t appear in the URL, won’t affect DNS etc.