Renaming Relationship Label

I know this problem was discussed also in a thread 1 year ago ( but I think I have the same problem and in this old thread there is no bugfix for the suiteCRM version 7.4 (sugar 6.5.20)

I added a new one to many realtionship from accounts to accounts with the studio. And in this process I changed the label from “Firmen” (german translation of “accounts”) into “Rechnung an:” So this right label (“Rechnung an:”) was shown in detail-view and edit-view of accounts for a few days.
Now I saw that the label was automatically changed back to “Firmen”.
If I now try to change it in studio it doesn’t works. If I click on “save & deploy” it always switch back to “Firmen”.

Is there any bugfix or solution for the suiteCRM version 7.4

Thank you for your help.

Enrico Fischer

I am currently having this exact same problem. I’ve tried changing files where I think it might work, but it never works. I’m just replying here to bump this post to see if anybody knows about any solutions.

I’m running Version 7.4.1, Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001).

I have the same problem. Version 7.3.2

Any idea to solve this issue?