Renaming Modules isn't changing action menu labels

I changed the name of ‘Target-List’ to ‘Contact Groups’ in the Rename Modules area. Then I did a quick repair but it doesn’t seem to change the name of the action menus as you can see in the attached image. Thanks for any advice!

Yeah it seems the rename functionality is incomplete.

If you can dive into some slightly technical stuff, redefine this string: LNK_NEW_PROSPECT_LIST

Thanks, pgr. It’s odd because sometimes is works. I changed ‘Leads’ to ‘Prospects’ and that one works correctly (see below). I’ve cleared cookies, quick repaired, etc. So…maybe have to dive into the strings.

It’s possible that in some modules the labels are programmed to be dynamic to use the module name, while in others it’s just hard coded to a fixed label.

I notice you’re using Prospects. You should know that in the old SugaCRM early days, Targets were called Prospects. You still find a ton of references to this name in the SuiteCRM code, although for end-users that is not visible.

I don’t think there’s any problem with what you did, renaming Leads to Prospects, I am just warning so that if you come across that term you know it “has a past”.

Thanks for the heads up - as it turns out, I’m going to be hiding ‘Prospects’ anyway, as I will only be using Contacts with a Lifecycle Stage set. But certainly good to know.