Renamed Contacts Module: Rename at the "Conversion" stage?

So I renamed the CONTACTS module, but when converting a LEAD to a CONTACT it still says " Create Contact OR Select Contact *"

Of course, this still works fine, but it would be a bit tidier (and less confusing if I ever have to have somebody else use the CRM) if I could fix this.

I am assuming that I would have to find the correct array and modify that somehow. Anybody have any ideas?

Yeah it seems the rename functionality is incomplete.

If you can dive into some slightly technical stuff, redefine the relevant strings, I think these are the ones:

Technical help for redefining strings:

Yepp! Good call. That seems to have done the trick and it doesn’t appear to have broken anything…potential%20contact

Did you use the correct scheme, as per the documentation, or did you just edit the file directly?

If you did, your changes won’t be upgrade-safe, will likely be overridden in the next upgrade. you can always re-do them, of course, but it’s better to just use the correct mechanism, did you?

There is actually a language file in custom/modules/leads so I just edited that…

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