Rename Employees Module

I went to Developer Tools / Rename Modules, under Admin, with the intent to change Employees to Staff, or similar. The Employees module is not there. Seems like all others are there. How do I change the name of the Employees module. I searched and could not find the answer.
Version 7.11.18.

I think you create the module but you didn’t deploy the module or quick repair action. Nevertheless, if you are facing an issue then please your screenshot with us. I will support via code and video tutorial.
Thank You

You may need to change labels in language file. as Employee modules and Users module are same.
find labels “Employee” at include/language/en_us.lang.php and put those labels at custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php directory and change it

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You are correct. I went to the referenced file and there were actually instructions on how to change the labels. Points out that the value on the left is the db value and the value on the right is the label displayed. I change the label for Employees to Staff. I saved.
It did not appear that I needed to copy this file to the “custom” directory that you reference, so I have not done that at this point.
I checked and all is good except for the label in my User drop-down listing (at far upper right). Any advice on that one? I have tried to upload two images to show what I did and what I am seeing now. Almost there. Thanks for tip.


Vijay1992, Employees is and existing module. Not created. I will try urdhv suggestion.
Thanks for response.

urdhvatech, I found the line for changing the label for the drop down box. I just kept looking right by it. It is about line 1517 of the referenced language file. Changed that and one other instance that I found. All seems to be changed and working.
Thanks again for your tip.

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Hi. I’m new to suite crm. How do we get access to the code so we could change module names via this method rather than through Developer Tools?