Removing Contacts and Leads from Meetings Invitees

Hi everyone,
do you know how to set as default configuration that Invites can be sent to Users only?

I mean to automatically remove Contacts and Leads from the Meeting Invitees
in order to send invitees to Users only.

We did it editing in
function addAnAddress
but this is not upgrade safe.

I don’t know the answer, but I can try providing a few pointers…

We have a class called SugarPHPMailer which is a wrapper for phpmailer and which, even though it is still not upgrade-safe, is always a better place to customize. At least it’s not inside 3rd party code, like include\phpmailer\class.phpmailer.php.

If I were you, what I would do is

  • turn on some logging here and make it fatal to ensure it gets logged

  • set show_log_trace to true in config_override.php

  • now get one of those emails to send (make sure it’s form a meeting invite) and check the log trace to see the entire call stack. Try to make your intervention as far up the stack (earlier) as possible, especially if you spot a file that is customizable in an upgrade-safe way.

Thank you very much Pgr,
we’ll go further in this direction