removing activities and member organisations from accounts

I can move other panels but not these - can anyone tell me how to remove the activities and member organisations subpanel please?

You can simply hide them in display modules and subpanels in Admin.

Nope, these items “acitivities” and “member organisations” are not in these panels!

i think they are subpanels in my group “support tickets” as they show up in studio - cant remove them!


the History sub-panel can not be removed in Admin - it`s hardcoded. This must manually
be made in Modules / History / Metadata / subpaneldefs.php. Maybe in the module in metadata as well.

It`s not Upgrade-Safe

its not history subpanel - its activities and member organisations i want to remove


start in the respective module / Metadata / subpaneldefs.php and try the change in custom / modules / *** / Metadata to take over - this could be the next upgrade survive. I haven`t tried this before.

  • Goto custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Layoutdefs/
  • If Layoutdefs directory doesn’t exist you have to create it.
  • Create a file with name remove_subpanels.php [You can give any other name as well.]
  • Copy and paste following code in created file.

Repair and rebuild.

It will work for sure. :slight_smile:

under contact i can remove activities from this code but there is another subpanel that is “Direct Reports”, that is i am unable to remove from this code,
this is what i am using.

<?php unset($layout_defs["Contacts"]["subpanel_setup"]["activities"]); unset($layout_defs["Contacts"]["subpanel_setup"]["direct reports"]);