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Remove "Save and Continue" button from lead edit view.

Hello Developers,
I want to remove “Save and Continue” button from Lead edit view.
I’m new in suiteCRM.


I’m afraid this kind of change is not something that can be done from Studio.

You would need to customize some PHP files to edit the views. Are you a PHP developer, or do you have one to help you?

I’m PHP developer.
Which files i need to change?

I have no idea, but Googling it, this seems to be enough:


I have a Free product for this.
Feel free to download and use it.
Please always give feedback for free products.


I have remove this button from below tpl file. we need to upgread below tpl file and remove any button we want.

Button tpl file : themes\SuiteP\include\EditView\actions_buttons.tpl in custom\themes\SuiteP\include\EditView\actions_buttons.tpl

now we need to change path of actions_buttons.tpl file in below tpl file

Header tpl file : custom\themes\SuiteP\include\EditView\header.tpl

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Save and continue button comes in a condition $showVCRControl. You can disable it by add a configuration in config.php or config_override.php
Simply add below line in config.php and button will disappear
‘disable_vcr’ => true

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Thanks , it works like magic!