Remove Fields + Move Between Targets/Leads/Opportunties

Absolute newbie so please forgive the likely rather stupid question(s).

I’m in the process of using Targets, Leads and Opportunities. I’ve worked out how to edit which fields are shown in each of the respective models however beyond that I want the ability to move a contact between different modules.

For example create a target, then when using the Convert Target action, move it (so it doesn’t appear under Targets) so it is then listed and shown under Leads (which will then unlock further fields values).

I then want to be able to do the same with Leads, update that lead removing it from Leads and placing it into Opportunities.

It might simply be that I don’t fully understand how each entity (Target, Lead and Opportunity) works or relates to each other, whilst I haven’t (in this instance) covered the “Contact” module and how this fits into the overall solution.

Ultimately I’m looking to create a Contact then have them gradually move through different statuses as the relationship grows and at each stage gradually unlock further fields that are required at that specific stage of the process.


You can make different detailview and editview forms.
For start you can look at these posts:

If you’re looking for a more high-level overview of the concepts, this pdf has helped me in the beginning:

Strategic_Considerations_regarding_Leads_and_Targets_in_SugarCRM.pdf (166.1 KB)

Thanks for the input both - I think the best option is going to be to plan out exactly what I’m looking to achieve from SuiteCRM (inline with my business model), and then from there likely customise the specific, small number of models via a dedicated developer.