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I am working on a package for my setup using module builder and i will eventually hook them to each other to share data. I deployed my basic test module and now i cannot remove it via the module loader. I have “manually” removed it from the database and server directories yet it still shows up on module loader. When i attempt to remove it form the module loader the final line of the log states

DeployedMetaDataImplementation: Modulename is not a Deployed Module

I only attempted a manual removal because of this issue. Any thoughts on how to manually remove it form both module loader and the whole suite system.

BTW I am in love with what this community has been up to.

Hi there,

Have you performed a Quick Repair & Rebuild? Please see this topic for further suggestions.



I have ran a quick repair and rebuild. I shall checkout the link and report with my results.


Ok so these are my steps so far…

Remove the modules/<mymodules/ directories
Remove the custom/modules/ directories

as per HERE

Remove .php at the custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include/.php

The Provided forum link from this thread HERE

Remove from \cache\upload\upgrades\module and the record in the upgrade_history

Remove cache/modules/

Got Error Warning: require_once(modules/bnsl_Forbearance/bnsl_Forbearance.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/PORTAL.BRIGHTERNATIONAL.COM/include/utils/autoloader.php on line 74

Droped Module Tables in database

Still Error

Check autoloader.php
Nothing I Should Change…

Checked modules.php and nothing i shoudl change…where is it calling bnsl_forbearance.php?

I’m Stuck so far

Ok wait… found this at the end of modules.php

if (file_exists(‘custom/application/Ext/Include/modules.ext.php’))

Checking there…

Found my modules being called there but the file is auto generated, renaming it to modules.ext.php.bak

Ok GOOD, so now i can access the system again and no warning message, will now perform a repair and rebuild…

The end of the quick repair and rebuild references vardefs… checking there

Differences found between database and vardefs
The following script will sync the database structure with the structure defined in the vardefs. You have the option of exporting this script and then running it against your database using external database management tools, or to allow the administration module to run the script.

Need help here, where would I find vardefs?

Again Thanks! and I hope this helps others.

Well I do not know what i did but here is my original issue, Somewhere along the way of me making copies of my modules one of the versions became corrupt, and one of my modules was missing information… I recreated a copy from the original package and it is working. I still had an issue removing the package from the module loader list. Removing the entry from the update table seem to solve the issue.

Thanks a lot that helped a lot … cheers up !! :blush: :woohoo: :woohoo:

This link fixed it for me :wink:
From the Sugar Support

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