Remove coma from currency

I am looking for remove the separator from the thousands numbers (its a coma) formated in currency (its a coma). i want it to be default setting because i know i can change it in the user preference but it has to be done manually and i want it in default settings. so i’ve try to change it in local settings but it don’t work here a pictures of the number :

hope there are enough detail and someone will be able to help me thank you.

Maybe this discussion help in your case.

Also try setting:
$sugar_config['default_number_grouping_seperator'] = ',';
$sugar_config['default_decimal_seperator'] = '.'; //or whichever values you’d like
in config_override.php.
Yes, separator is misspelled as seperator in the config files! Don’t autocorrect it!

hi chris001
I’ve already made the changes you advise me to make and it doesn’t work here a pictures of config.php
i have done the same changes in config_override and config_si and it remains the same

i have try what is in the forum but the problem is not solved, i think i need to find the folder user_preference to change the default preference of he number separator in “separateur des milliers” thousand separator in english

but the problem is that the change is done for only one account and i want it on al the account.

To remove the comma (thousands separator), go to Studio, tick the Disable Format check box, and click Save and Deploy. This will remove the thousand separator.

disable format in studio

sure it works for integer, but I don’t have this option for currencies

I really don’t know how to do it for the currencies because it seems I have already tried all the option in development and in the app

Check out:

I’ve checked and not found something could help me, Icontinue to search on my side, let me know if you find something

Normally, the currency is always has a “seperator” (separator) between thousands, (different for India). EXCEPT, on the PDF generated pages, the separator is turned off by default. Does this help?

Yeah I know but my goal in this case is to change the coma seperator as a space.

Did you try to put space here?

If you read the code, you can see the logic is messing up what you’re trying to do.

Only if the user’s Profile has a blank (space, or no character) “number grouping separator”, then Suite will use the default setting for “number grouping separator” from config.php or config_override.php.

yes I have try to change here, it works only for my account i want it for all account in default settings and i don’t find how to do.

the problem is i have change the files config override and config and it still not works

Login as admin and mass update all the users’ profiles’ number group separators to blank?
Let us know if it’s the Solution.