Removal of Subpanels from Accounts

So we have set up Accounts to be donors. A donor can be linked to one or more projects through specific funding requests. Additionally donors may fund general funds within the organization, not a specific project.

So the link from Account to Project (or Account to Fund) is through the submodules for Project Request and General Request. You cannot have a donor linked directly to a project that they do not fund or have been requested (developed) to fund.

Due to this I need to remove the builtin Project subpanel from the Account Detail View.

I suspect that this needs to be done through commenting out php code.


you can uset key of Accounts’ subpaneldefs.

Create file at - custom\Extension\modules\Accounts\Ext\Layoutdefs

Write following code

unset( $layout_defs["Accounts"]["subpanel_setup"]["project"] );


thanks ill try that. Does this php file need a specific name?

Layoutdefs.php is the name of the file you put your code into.