Reminders - Task vs Log call

Maybe I understand this in a wrong way, but for me a task is something like: Call Contact X on July 3th about ‘this subject’
A call log is is the log of that call.

So i need a reminder for that task, like an email or a popup. So my question is: Why can i set a reminder for a call log ( seems useless to me ) but not for a task ? (very usefull)
It must be me doing or thinking something wrong i guess

See screenshots.

Let us first clear the confusion regarding Tasks and Calls. As per SugarCRM’s Documentation,
Tasks are your to-do lists which requires completion.
Calls consists of open, upcoming, or closed call records logged by users in your organization.

For your requirement, you do not need to create a Task for call reminders because Calls Module has been specifically made for managing all sorts of Calls (Open, Upcoming, Closed)
As per my understanding Tasks deal with activities other than Calls and Meetings. For example; Sending Invites, Reviewing Documents etc.

As for your question regarding reminders for tasks, there seems to be no default reminders. You can however create a workflow which will send Emails as reminders for tasks. Some more insight on workflows as task reminders can be found at the below link

Thanks Arsalan,

Ok, a call reminder can be set with the Calls module, meetings can also have a reminder. That’s great

But what if I want to have a reminder for example ‘Buy bottle of wine for contact X’ ?

BTW : You are referring to SugarCRM’s doc. Can I use those docs for SuiteCRM?

You’re welcome.

Like I’ve stated at the end of my previous reply, you will have to create custom workflows to handle email reminders related to tasks. SutieCRM provides a pretty good workflow management using the user interface (Workflows Module) without having to write a single line of code. Please take a look at the link I’ve provided for your reference in my previous reply.

Also SuiteCRM has been built upon SugarCRM CE. Loads of documents pertaining to Sugar also apply for Suite.

Thanks again,
Already created a simple workflow for task, works as expected. Thanks again.

This is still very confusing.

I just had a phonecall with a relation. I choose ‘Log call’ in the menu and then want to make a report of the conversation. That is as far as I know what logging a call is about. But the weird thing is, this call ends up in my Calendar.
Removed the reminders and changed status to Held, but it’s still in my Calendar. Very weird

Can anyone elaborate on this a bit more?

When you go to Calendar, click on Settings. There is an option to show/hide completed activities. You can alter this to hide all completed calls and they will no longer show up on your Calendar.

I can indeed hide the completed Calls in the Calender, but when I connect with Ical the completed Calls still show up ( in Thunderbird )
Is there a way to avoid this?