Reminders appear 30 min before

i’m using SugarCRM CE 6.5.20 and i noticed reminder Popups appear 30 min before the right time.

Is it related to Cron Job / Scheduler ?
What test should i do?

Thanks in advance

Hi Mayer Elyashiv,

I assume you mean SuiteCRM instead of SugarCRM :wink:
Couldn’t help but notice your cross-posting on the SugarCRM forum.

This is default behaviour and can be changed by opening your user preferences clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen and then click the “advanced” tab.

Yes, sorry.

I mean SuiteCRM 7.1.5 compatible with SugarCRM 6.5.20…
i was really in a hurry.

I found that my VPS is misconfigured; so i asked my hosting company to fix it.

I use this to test:

$timezone = date_default_timezone_get();
echo "The current server timezone is: " . $timezone."<BR>";
$date = date('d/m/Y H:i:s');
echo $date;