Reminder Workflow based on Date Modified


Could someone help me with this one?

My aim is to send reminders based on date modified. The purpose is to alert the assigned users this module record has not attempted with further updates for past X amount of hours or days. Moreover, date modified data type is datetime.

Also, I want to know the real difference between “Greater than Equal and Less than Equal operator”.

Please advise


Hey there,

You should indeed be able to do a workflow like this

I think a condition similar to:

Would work

Regarding the “Greater than or Equal to” and “Less than Equal or equal to” operators
They work as described for regular numerical values, ( ie: <= (number) or >=(number) )

However, for Dates, it is a little more unusual

You should think of “Greater than” and “Less than” as “Later than” and “Earlier than”, respectively

So, for the screenshot above, the condition:
Accounts | Date Modified | Less than or equal to | Now - 1 Day |

would be read as:

Accounts | Date Modified | Earlier than or equal to | Now - 1 Day |
(ie, before yesterday)

Hopefully that makes sense,
Let us know if you need any help!