reminder or to do alert

I am new to Suitecrm and tryiing to understand/dig out
a. where to set up daily/weekly/montly actions for the single user
b. other nice feature to set up would be an automatic alert on customers that have not been contacted (mail, visit, phone) over a give period of time;
c. and/or set up a minimum number of contacts for each customer within a given time


SuiteCRM doesn’t really have that sort of feature, directly. Managing regular approaches to customers is something you can try to build around SuiteCRM’s features, but I wouldn’t say it is available directly.

A few you can explore:

  1. Calendar module. You can set up regular events, link them to customers, and get email reminders.

  2. Workflows: you can create “if this, then that” logic. You can make a Workflow regularly go through every customer and check some condition.

  3. A lot more (or everything) is possible with some simple PHP coding.