Reminder email and popup doesn’t work

Hi, i have a problemi with the reminders from meeting’s module: after i activate it doesn’t work.
What could be the problem?
My version of SuiteCRM is 7.11.7.

Maybe you haven’t activated your cron jobs (Scheduler jobs)?

See Admin / Schedulers, there are instructions on the bottom.

One (or all?) of those jobs, “Run Email Reminder Notifications”, is probably showing “Last ran successfully” as “never”, right?

Yes, the invite email reminder show me what you write but I realise that I don’t create the batch file for the schedule only that I don’t know what write in it.
Could you help me?
Also in the scheduler I don’t found the popup reminder I don’t kown if it is right.

What are you using? WIndows?

What are the instructions you get at the bottom of Admin /Schedulers? Those should tell you everything you need, and they are specific for your system.

Yes, I am using Windows.
So I have to create a new batch file with the two rows in attachment?

Where I have to create it?

  • Open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights

  • type these commands

cd /D C:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM
notepad cron.bat

(reply yes if asked to create a new file)

  • paste this inside the file, then save it and close notepad:

cd /D C:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM
php.exe -f cron.php
  • type this command to create the Scheduler that executes this every minute:

schtasks /create /tn "SuiteCRM Cron Job" /tr "C:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM\cron.bat" /sc minute
  • find out your php.ini path for Comand-line (it is different from your web server PHP):
php -i | grep php.ini
  • go into the loaded php.ini file with Notepad and set your date.timezone parameter correctly.

  • save, exit, and restart web server

I did what you wrote but it still doesn’t work, in the Scheduler the “Email Reminder Notifications” still shows “Last ran successfully: never”

Ok, but I am not sitting on your computer so if you want me to help you debug that, you need to provide some information…

Did any of those commands give an error? What?

Do you see any errors repeated every minute in Windows Event Viewer?

If you go in the Windows Task Scheduler, can you find the task we created there? Does it mention any errors? Is it set to “run as administrator”?

Sorry for my small knowledge on Windows but where could I see if any of those commands give an error?

In which folder of Windows Scheduler should appear the task of SuiteCRM? Currently I am in Library of scheduler -> Microsoft -> Windows

In the Scheduler, the task should be at the top level, without going into “Microsoft” or “Windows”. Just click where it says “Task Scheduler Library” and then in the other pane look for “SuiteCRM Cron Job”

You will need to turn this on in order to see any messages form the task:

Disable it again when you’re finished solving this, so it doesn’t spam your computer with excessive logging.

There isn’t any folder called “SuiteCRM Cron Job” at the top level.

The Task History was already enabled

You’re not at the top level, click on “Libreria utilitá di pianificazione”

If it’s not there, then the “schtasks /create …” command given below didn’t work correctly, or you didn’t do it from an Administrator command prompt…

Found it.

Now what?

I don’t know, it’s hard to help from a distance. If you can get someone there to assist you, this shouldn’t be too hard for a technical person.

What we’re trying to achieve is to get a task to run every minute, which runs the cron.bat we created earlier.

I notice that since I create the .bat file in the log file I have these 3 errors

Fri Sep 13 16:30:03 2019 [5644][10f8cae7-eefb-87db-7cf1-5d1bb7a9b6ab][ERROR] Unable to load related bean by id
Fri Sep 13 16:30:04 2019 [5644][10f8cae7-eefb-87db-7cf1-5d1bb7a9b6ab][ERROR] convert: Conversion of 13/09/2019 00:00 from Y-m-d H:i:s to d/m/Y H:i failed
Sat Sep 14 17:30:48 2019 [5644][1][ERROR] convert: Conversion of 2020-01-02 00:00 from d/m/Y H:i to Y-m-d failed

Could this related to the reminders that don’t working?

Since our last chat I monitored the logs file and in the suitecrm.log I found this 3 lines that repitely themselves every minute:

Tue Sep 17 09:53:20 2019 [6276][10f8cae7-eefb-87db-7cf1-5d1bb7a9b6ab][ERROR] convert: Conversion of 17/09/2019 00:00 from Y-m-d H:i:s to d/m/Y H:i failed
Tue Sep 17 09:53:39 2019 [6276][10f8cae7-eefb-87db-7cf1-5d1bb7a9b6ab][ERROR] Unable to load related bean by id

Could be this the problem?